Strengthen your tech team to accelerate your delivery in nearshore (remote) or in situ in your premises in Paris or Lyon. 
You specify your stack, the fields of expertise field and the level required. Our experts join your teams to deliver value from day one.

  • Remote – connect African talents to your projects.
  • In your office – our expert team can work with your team in your offices.
  • Digital factory  –  our digital factory brings together multidisciplinary teams (Dev, UX, QA, ..) in an agile workspace, with new working methods in order to advise you, develop your products and anticipate time-to-market. 


Why choose nearshore recruitment ?

  • Reduction of infrastructure costs and salaries
  • Mitigation and risk management related to development
  • Time saving in profile search

In your offices

 You already have your agile team but you want to strengthen it ?
Our engineers integrate into your teams to help you keep an ambitious roadmap. 
The key points of our collaboration :

  • Tech experts for fast Onboarding
  • The respect of your technical standards
  • Sharing the same startup culture and the same agile methodology

Digital factory

Why launch an agile Digital Factory ?

  • Innovate : The Digital Factory provides a framework for innovation by bringing together multidisciplinary teams who can quickly identify high-potential digital projects.
  • Accelerate : Technical and business skills are brought together in one place to facilitate collaboration. Decision-making and validation processes are simplified.
  • Transform : A real lab to test new technologies and work methods, the Digital Factory also helps attract new talents.

OUIcoding facilitates, enables, promotes and celebrates innovation!

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