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As a Sales Director, you will be responsible for defining a sales strategy and then leading, coordinating and monitoring the implementation of the sales policy.


Definition of the sales strategy
Benchmark of competitors’ practices.
Detect key accounts and potential markets.
Identify the company’s commercial development areas: growth segments, marketing channels, in particular the distribution of objectives and resources between direct and indirect sales, definition of prospecting areas and growth areas, etc.
Participate in an adjustment of the offer.
Define the main lines of the sales pitch.
Define marketing objectives (volumes and margins).
Define the operating budget of the sales department in liaison with the CEO and the administrative and financial department.
Define marketing resources and objectives.

Implementation of the sales policy
Leading sales teams: recruiting salespersons necessary to achieve the strategy, federating a team around a project, motivating existing teams and providing training to enable them to adapt to new sales techniques.
Define the remuneration policy, in particular the variable part, in liaison with the Human Resources department, settle conflicts within the teams.
Participate directly in certain negotiations with strategic clients and certain key prescribers (IT services companies, consulting firms, etc.).
Take charge, if necessary personally, of certain important calls for tenders.
Periodically accompany the sales representatives in the field in order to understand the needs of the customers and to train new recruits.

Monitoring and analysis of sales performance
Track and analyze sales results globally, by team, by channel, by geography, and by employee.
Ensure reporting to the CEO based on dashboards (sales and profitability) and qualitative analysis (positioning).
Redirect the sales action plan if necessary.


Diplomas required
BTS (advanced technician’s certificate) Commercial action / DUT (Two year technical degree) Salesforce or Business school or
Engineering school (computer science) or Other general engineering schools


A first successful experience in IT Sales Management is required.


Technical skills
Expertise in business techniques, including negotiation methods
General knowledge of the computer industry, information systems, architectures and technical environments.
Good knowledge of prescribers, users and decision-makers as well as opinion leaders (specialized press, websites with editorial vocation in the high-tech field, computer clubs…).
Good knowledge of products, services and associated technologies
Handling of management techniques, team motivation and sales training techniques
Prospecting tools (purchase or rental of files, customer databases, sales tracking software…)
Very good level of English.

Ability to listen and dialogue in order to animate and coordinate the team work.
Dynamism and enthusiasm in order to motivate her-his employees and facilitate customer relations.
Empathy in order to generate buy-in both internally (sales team) and externally (customers, prescribers, media, etc.).
Open-mindedness and curiosity in order to apprehend the evolutions of markets and techniques
Sense of responsibility and rigor to conduct an effective commercial policy
Backward thinking, height of vision and decisiveness to take the right strategic directions
Taste for numbers and management skills to measure business ROI
Resistance to stress, particularly with respect to achieving objectives.

What we offer you
A (CDI) permanent contract
A unique entrepreneurial experience
An exceptional work environment
One free Netflix annual subscription
A good salary + bonuses + health insurance + lunche on vouchers
Planned trips to Europe and Africa


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