Season Paris : The click and collect anti-covid re...

In search of new flavors for its website, Season Paris naturally turned to OUIcoding for this realization. Including a restaurant showcase 🍔, an e-shop 💳 or a blog 🖥, the site allows the brand to present the extent of its services. The Season Paris project is : – 4 OUIcoders mobilized – 2 months of

Charles.co 🤝 OUIcoding: a story that’s la...

Charles.co is the reference platform that takes care of your sex life. Appointments with a sexologist by phone or videoconference and the T.I.M.E. program have helped many French people find their pleasure again. Charles.co called on OUIcoding shortly after its launching to reinforce its technical teams. Today, we are pleased with the trust they have

A OUIder’s life : Romain interview

He wanted to change his life by switching from event management to IT. OUIcoding accompanied him in his professional reconversion for several weeks. Who are you? 💭 My name is Romain Mazzini, I’m 28 years old and I grew up in the suburbs of Paris, in Val-de-Marne. An emoji that announces your future: 💪 Romain,

Focus: OUIcoding in action with Hoggo, the AssurTe...

OUIcoding is proud to support Hoggo’s technical teams in the development and design of their tech platform. Hoggo is an assurtech that optimizes the private health insurance of companies and simplifies the management of their contracts thanks to intelligent and powerful digital tools. 💰 Optimization: Enabling all companies to find the best price and the

Latest e-commerce realization 😎 “The Coo...

The Coolest Man You Know, a major actor of men’s fashion in Paris region, recently entrusted us with the realization of its e-commerce website. The brand wanted to offer a phygital experience to its customers while multiplying its distribution channels. It’s done today! OUIcoding is proud to have produced their e-shop which will allow them

OUIcoding in action with RATP

OUIcoding’s digital factory has developed for the RATP an international smart chatbot based on AI and available via whatsapp, 24/7, in French, Arabic, English and Italian. It answers the most frequently asked questions but also informs users of possible delays/interruptions in service. Testimony of Sarah (Digital Manager) RATP: Thanks to its ability to mobilize its

Brython, a client-side implementation of Python 3 ...

JavaScript and its vast ecosystem (React, Angular, Vue.js, etc.) have dominated client-side Web programming for several years now, despite all the criticisms that can be leveled at them. However, other languages such as Go and C are trying to do the same. Brython, an implementation of Python 3, is also trying to replace JavaScript in

A webinar organized by OUIcoding and XXII, an expe...

Artificial intelligence and more specifically computer vision are exciting news topics at the frontier of mathematics, computer science and ethics. Vision is at the heart of everything, it is our main sensor of information. The video flow analysis finds many applications in all sectors of activity. During this webinar which took place on July 02nd,

Home office: remote employees work an average of 4...

A U.S. study analyzed the shared e-mails and calendars of 3.1 million employees in the U.S., Europe, and the Middle East over a 16-week period, including the lockdown period. With the resurgence of the Covid-19 epidemic in recent weeks, home office is making a strong comeback. At the beginning of October, the Minister of Labor,

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