Artificial intelligence and more specifically computer vision are exciting news topics at the frontier of mathematics, computer science and ethics. Vision is at the heart of everything, it is our main sensor of information. The video flow analysis finds many applications in all sectors of activity.

During this webinar which took place on July 02nd, 2020, William Eldin CEO of XXII presented the solutions of his company, expert in vision technologies in France.

In this intervention, William detailed how to set up a computer vision project, business applications according to many sectors and talked about the challenges and opportunities of this technological innovation.

For more than an hour, there have been rich exchanges between William and the CEO of OUIcoding, Thierry KIENTEGA, as well as tech enthusiast participants.

William Eldin Program intervention:

  • Presentation of the speaker
  • XXII : a company specialized in computer vision
  • Solutions in different sectors
  • The different steps in artificial intelligence

By OUIcoding November the 10th 2020

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