We are now in the digital era. Supply is greater than demand. If you are a web developer, you are very often torn between different job offers. For sure, you are safe from unemployment! But imagine that you have a job interview in computer science in a company that you have long coveted. Our advice will certainly be useful to you!

Clothing, verbal and non-verbal language… these are elements that are of great interest to recruiters during a job interview as a developer. Indeed, the job interview is an exchange between a service provider and an employer during which the recruiter judges the candidate’s knowledge and know-how. This step is decisive for the rest of the hiring process.

Preparing before the D day

The developer recruitment interview starts from the day you receive the call or email inviting you to an interview. What to do in concrete terms?

Make a research of the company that contacted you. Then take a look at your CV to detect your strengths and weaknesses in relation to the position.


Tips for seducing your employer on the day of the interview

The first contact is decisive

When it comes to developers, employers are less demanding on clothing. Indeed, developers are rarely in direct contact with customers. Generally, they work in the shadows. However, on the day of your interview, your attire is something not to be taken lightly. Your attire must reflect a certain seriousness. Your recruiter must feel that he can trust you, that you are someone who takes his work seriously. So, if you are not a regular costume wearer, take it easy and put it on just for your recruitment as a developer. You can also wear pants and a shirt. Take care of your appearance.

Don’t be afraid to make eye contact with your recruiter. Depending on the culture, this can be seen as a sign of self-confidence and dynamism.

Points to emphasize during the interview

During your interview, you need to sell yourself in order to attract the attention of your recruiter.

But how do you do this?

Show the recruiter that you know how to speak computer. Employers want to feel that you can bring innovative ideas to the team. If you had researched the company before your interview, now is the time to make suggestions. Emphasize your proactivity. You can mention situations where this quality has gotten you out of trouble.

Nowadays, employers are not only looking for competent computer specialists, but also for those with a broad professional network. They are looking for employees who can help them land contracts or create partnerships. If you have interpersonal skills, don’t hesitate to put them forward.

Make the difference

At the beginning of the web developer job interview, employers usually ask candidates to introduce themselves. During your presentation, talk about your experience in sectors related to the company’s field of activity. For example, you can talk about sectors such as: high-tech, banking, insurance, software development… this will allow you to demonstrate your expertise. Moreover, it will lead your recruiter to project himself in the future with you, within his team.

By Jean Marc Lahaye June the 03rd 2019

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