Information technology is a field that intervenes in every aspect of our daily lives. If you are passionate about applications, websites and artificial intelligence, you can become a professional in this field too. When you are new in the field of programming, from the very beginning you are confronted with a question: which programming technology should I learn first? In this article, I will present you the MUSTS to learn to be one of the best computer scientists. Indeed, there are as many computer technologies as there are letters of the English alphabet.

Choosing one’s first programming technology can be quite a complicated puzzle.


On the ranking list of the most used programming technologies for the last 6 years, JavaScript is on the rise with 68.9% usage. Why is this?

JavaScript is easy to install. If you have an internet connection, you can evaluate your code directly online, allowing you to learn quickly comfortably from home.

It’s a very powerful technology. Thanks to its community and the resources available on the internet, learning this technology is child’s play. You will discover paradigms (animations and graphics) that are essential in programming. As soon as you start, you will already be able to create funny little programs.

JavaScript is the crossroads of several programming languages. Mastering this flexible technology means mastering more than 30% of other languages. It is especially to be competitive on the job market.


What makes Java so popular is the ecosystem that surrounds it. Indeed, this fast technology consists of a virtual machine that allows you to use the same Java program on different platforms. Its very practical APIs already exist on the internet. You won’t need to code anymore. A significant advantage of this technology is that, thanks to its collector template, you won’t have to worry about memory management. Everything is automatic! It is one of the best 2019 programming technologies used in companies.


Unlike other technologies that are a bit complicated, Python is the easiest to learn. Its lines of code have a clear syntax which makes them easy to understand and read. No need to be a computer scientist! With these lines, you can create many functions with few lines. In only 3 days, you will be able to create a small game.

It’s a top programming technology equipped with a package manager and the most sophisticated PyPi. It gives you access to more than 90 000 Python modules. Are you planning to specialize in data science? This open source language will be essential for you.


Another technology to learn is C#. It is very useful for creating websites and mobile and desktop applications. Thanks to its large and very dynamic community, you can easily find solutions to your problems. It’s a technology that answers the current problems of developers.


PHP is one of the best programming technologies of the moment and is the very basic of the computer language. It is specially designed to create dynamic websites. It is a language widely used on the web. Indeed, more than 80% of websites use it. Just think of Facebook, Wikipedia.

By Jean Marc Lahaye June the 4th 2019

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